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Heating and Air Replacement Near Gulf Shores, Alabama

A new HVAC system from Blankenship Air Control & Refrigeration will remove the stress of worrying if your current heating and air system will keep you comfortable throughout the entire year.

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Heating and Air Installation Experts – Gulf Shores, AL

There are multiple reasons for replacing your HVAC system.  Therefore if one or more of these applies to you, give us a call to discuss your options.

  • Rise in Energy Costs: Over time, the high summer temperatures in Gulf Shores, AL can take a toll on your air conditioning system. Especially if it is not maintained on a regular basis.  With each passing summer your system works harder to keep you cool with extended run cycles. As you know, the longer your system runs, the higher your energy costs rise.
  • Change in Temperature from Room to Room: Your system could be near the ends of its useful life if you notice an inconsistent temperature from one room to another.
  • Excess Dust or Humidity Related Issues: Have you have noticed a buildup of dust or mold and also mildew? Then your system may have started losing its capacity and therefore be in need of replacement.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: Like most machines, parts begin to break and therefore cause failures over time.  If repairs due to breakdowns are becoming more frequent, give us a call.
  • System Over 10 Years Old:  The average life of any air conditioning system is around 10 years.  If your AC system is approaching or has exceeded the 10-year mark and you have noticed any of the above symptoms, then it is time to consider replacement.
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Benefits of Heating and Air Replacement & Installation Nearby

There are many benefits to replacing an old warn out HVAC system, including better efficiency, improved safety, lower energy costs, and also improved air quality.  With a new HVAC system, you also get a 10-year limited warranty and peace of mind that your air conditioner will keep you cool through the hottest summer days in Gulf Shores for years to come.

Air Conditioner Replacement Installation near Me

When replacing or installing a new air conditioning system in Gulf Shores, AL, you need a professional HVAC contractor like Blankenship Air Control & Refrigeration. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the installation process from selecting the right AC unit for your specific home to ensuring you are happy with the end result. Blankenship Air Control & Refrigeration is proud to be a factory authorized Carrier dealer.

Expert Heating Repair Gulf Shores, AL

We guarantee quality installation service and also stand behind all of our products. We are proud to install Carrier air conditioners because it is what we use in our own homes. Call us today.

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